How I’m managing difficult days

How I’m managing difficult days

I set out to make this blog about my transition from one life to another. But getting the tone right is challenging. How far do I go with the honesty stuff? Won’t it be a downer if I’m not reasonably positive and optimistic? Do people really want to know about managing difficult days? There goes the overthinking again!

I’m still feeling my way about how raw and honest I should be about my new life. On the one hand I reckon I have a responsibility to be uplifting in the messages I put out there. After all, part of my motivation is to encourage other women with similar challenges to take steps to create new lives for themselves.

But on the other hand, the truth is, it’s not all sunshine and salty breezes. And anyone initiating a major life change needs to know that and be able to tap into their reserves of strength and resilience. It’s a bit like early motherhood. I remember how I felt in those first few weeks. I remember thinking there had been a conspiracy of silence. Why hadn’t anyone been honest with me about how hard it would be. Maybe I wouldn’t have listened. But I wish I’d known so that I could adjust my expectations and seek the support I needed.

The Sapphire Project is like any other project I’ve been involved with. There’s a vision of a bright and shiny outcome. And then there’s the path to getting there. It’s up and down. It’s gravelly, a bit muddy and sometimes it rains on my parade!  Some days it feels like two steps forward and one step back.

Mix that with a reasonably complicated mind (mine!) and what do you get? A smattering of overthinking; a dollop of anxiety and the odd day when I feel like curling up into a ball under my calming blanket (how good are those things?).

Any major life change is stressful. That’s why so many people choose to remain with the status quo, rather than take a giant leap into the unknown.

That’s what I keep reminding myself on the tough days.

Now it’s time to get up, go for a walk on the beach and whip up a Tomato & Chickpea curry for dinner tonight I reckon! This one looks good 🙂

 How do you go about managing difficult days when you doubt yourself, over-think and worry about the way forward?

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