Getting involved in stuff

Getting involved in stuff

I’ve always wanted to be part of worthwhile things. To be productive. Make a difference. All the cliches! I lost my way for a long time in Sydney. Caught up with a tedious daily commute, and my busy role as a mother, the stuff I got involved with was limited to lending a hand with school and kids sport or doing my best to support young working mothers who were slogging it out just as I had.

  • I’ve been the President of my kids’ primary school Parents & Citizens Association
  • I was even the Vice President of the local junior rugby club. And I know absolutely nothing about rugby. Nothing.

Now that I’m here on the Sapphire Coast, the opportunity to get involved in things is pretty much unlimited. I’m on a committee looking into developing nearby Eden as a mountain biking destination. I’ve helped out on this year’s Eden Whale Festival.

That’s why I was so happy to see J and her two small children on the beach this morning. J’s a values-based young woman with an entrepreneurial bent who is making a go of a regenerative farming business with her husband. So much energy! I’m feeling pepped up just having spent time with her. Onwards and upwards – I’m off to buy a load of old ceramic coffee mugs to leave at the espresso bar at Mitchie’s Jetty where I get my coffee every morning. Boomerang cups. Down with single-use plastic. Hooray! That’s being productive.

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