Getting my fill of fresh local produce

Getting my fill of fresh local produce

Golden Beets & Silverbeet – Yum!

I’m easing myself into the whole slow thing. That doesn’t mean I’m not motivated. It just means I’m not racing around like a crazy woman. Like I did in the city. Race. Cram. Sleep. Repeat.

Here I can make choices about how I spend my time. And instead of running into a supermarket and filling my trolley with ‘stuff’, I’m going to markets and community gardens to get my fresh local produce. When I can, of course.

This morning I had to have a routine blood test (yuck!) so I wandered across the bridge to town and let the lovely lady stick a needle in me. When that was done I realised it was Farm Gate day at From Little Things Parklands.

From Little Things is a community garden. It’s built on former greens at Club Sapphire, our bowling club, and it’s volunteer-run. 

When I  turned up it was just on opening time. I had a great chat with two lovely men who were rostered on for the Thursday working bee. Rhett picked me some silverbeet and golden beets and gave me a tip about making golden beets chips with coconut oil. His advice was to cook them on a low heat (120 C) because of the high sugar content.

 I stuffed my produce into my backpack and headed back across the bridge. Such a good feeling to know where my food has come from.

  • Buying from a local food source.
  • Cutting down food miles.
  • Investing in permaculture
  • Creating community around food.


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